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Rules for Number 1 Seed participants >

Entrance in the Number 1 Seed pool requires the following:

$200 annual dues, $10 Hole-In-One fee and a recommendation for a member in good
standing.   Additionally, you should have a firm understanding of the Rules of Golf.


9 or 18 hole matches

All matches are determined using the match-play format. In the event of a tie, medal play
(total strokes) determine the winner of the match.

All 18 hole matches are based on 3 points. 1 point awarded for the front-nine, 1 point
awarded for the back-nine and 1 point awarded for the overall match (nassau).  9 hole
matches yield 1 point being awarded to the winner.

As an added bonus, the golfer with the highest "Temp. Rank" determines the tee box from
which to use for the foursome.  Additionally, in the case of group skins (Chicago), the highest
ranking golfer determines the tee box for the whole group.

Once you've begun your round, if you fail to complete your front side, you automatically forfeit
the front side.  If you begin the back side of your match, and you fail to complete the side, you
lose both the back side and the nassau.  No matter what the circumstances are.


In an attempt to provide balanced matches, strokes are given based on the following:

If you "X" out of a hole, you automatically receive a 10 on the hole and if you were to be
awarded a stroke on that particular hole, you've forfeited the stroke.  The strokes given cannot
be used for skins or in your medal score.


The standard bet is a $1 nassau with $1 skins (lowest score on hole), $2 birdies and $5
eagles. To avoid confusion, birdies and eagles can be cancelled out by another birdie or
eagle in your group.  Additional bets such as increasing the $1 nassau, presses, carryover
skins, greenies, sandies, dogmeat and any other variations are dependent upon mutual
agreement between all golfers in your group.  If theres a discrepancy, please defer to the
standard bet.  Only the $1 nassau counts toward the money list. Skins do not count toward
the money list.


$4,000 will be paid out in cash prizes.  The remaining funds will pay our administrative costs
(web site hosting, enhancements and message board fees) and any money left over will be
used for our pre-season meeting and our Annual Dinner/Roast.


USGA and R&A rules of golf apply.

The only exception is the local rules of the course, which are posted on the scorecard and/or
yardage book.

In the event of a disagreement in the application of a rule, the player shall either: (1) call the
pro shop immediately for resolution or (2) play two balls, record both scores and ask the pro
for resolution immediately following the round. If, you do not follow this procedure you may be
disqualified for the hole, which may affect your match.

Every hole should be played out and every stroke counted (with the exception of gimmies and
X-outs). If you “X” out of a hole, you automatically receive a 10.  This may affect your match
because in the event of a tie (match play), the 10 is factored into your medal score which is
used as the tie-breaker. Once a putt is given (gimmie) by a majority of players in the match it
is good. It does not matter what happens to the ball after it is given because the player has
effectively “holed out”. Practice is allowed, in accordance with Article 12-5, after all players
have holed out in match play.

Upon the completion of your match the results should be called into Darrell as soon as
possible.  By rule, you have until midnight of that day to call in your scores. To be safe, you
are encouraged to save your scorecard for verification and archival purposes.  If you do not
follow this procedure your match may be disqualified.

These rules may be modified or amended at any time, so please check the site frequently.
Last updated 4/13/09 3:45 pm
Tier 1: ranks 1-10
Tier 2: ranks 11-20
Tier 3: ranks 21-30
Tier 4: ranks 31-40
Tier 5: ranks 41-50
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2 strokes
4 strokes
6 strokes
8 strokes
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place
8th place
9th place
10th place
Tier 1 Winning payout
Mobility Award Payout*
The golfer that improves his rank the most
positions throughout the season
(based on your previous year's finish)
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
11th place
12th place
13th place
14th place
15th place
16th place
17th place
18th place
19th place
20th place
Tier 2 Winning payout
* Mobility Award