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2019 NCAA Final Four Pool >
  • $25 per entry sheet

  • 1st place pays 50% pool, 2nd place pays 30%, 3rd place pays 10%

  • Payoff points per round:  2,4,8,16,32,64

  • Online, fully-automated team selection grid

  • Selection grids will be available on Sunday, March 17 @ 8:00 PM

  • Cut-off date & time for picks: Thr. 3/21 (12 PM)

  • Championship game tie-breaker:  total points for both teams

  • You may fill out as many entries as you'd like. $25 per sheet!

  • You do not have to be a member of the #1 Seed Golf Group to enter.

  • Review everyone's picks online

  • Detailed status reports on our web site updated daily during the

  • To Sign up call:     Darrell (203) 410-9893
Pay here after you've submitted your bracket(s). If you do not
pay before the tournament begins your bracket(s) will be deleted.
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