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Your previous weeks rank. Updated every Sunday evening.
Note:  This number is used for your strength of schedule calculation.
Individual participant in our competition
Total wins, losses and ties.  Wins, losses and ties are determined by
match play format by default and in the event of a tie, stroke play format
Winning percentage
Points.  One point credited for winning each nine-hole side and a point
for winning the overall match (Nassau).
Strength of Schedule.  This determines the level of competition you've
faced.  Add each golfer's W/E Rank (in your foursome) and divide by the
number of golfers in the group. I.E.  A foursome with golfers that have
W/E Ranks of 4, 3, 2 & 1.  Total = 10.  divide 10 by 4 (number of golfers
in foursome) Total SOS for the day:  2.5
Your stroke average per 18 hole round. 9 hole medal scores do not
count towards your Stroke Avg.
Stroke Avg.
Our version of the money list.  Basically $1 per victory and in a typical
match, if a golfer has won the front-nine, back-nine and overall match,
they're awarded $3.  Skins are not counted on the money list.
Rating Percentage Index.  Your ranking in each category versus each
other. Each category is weighted as follows:  Record (30%), PTS
(20%), SOS (25%), Stroke Avg. (20%),  and $$$ (5%).  If a golfer has
the following rankings: 2 for Record, 1 for PTS, 1 for SOS, 2 for Stroke
Avg. and 2 for $$$, then the following formula would be used to
calculate the RPI.

(2 x .30)+(1 x .20)+(1 x .25)+(2 x .20)+(2 x .5)  =
(.6)    +     (.2)    +     (.25)   +    (.4)    +     (.1)      =1.55
Rank based on rolling (current) data.  Becomes W/E Rank on Sunday